The bloomin' Daily Telegraph, bin asking every day
If wives should work? Well blow me, it fair took my breath away
I couldn't scarce believe my eyes, it sent me on the booze
My brain it tottered till I thought my reason I should lose.

(Should wives work? Now if they was to ask:)

Chorus: Should husbands work?
Well I says no
The Telegraph is barmy and to married men a foe
If blokes wives 'ave got to work
Then what I want to know
Is what does a man get married for?

My old gal read it, and' she had the cheek, so help me bob
To ask me t'other morning, if I couldn't find a job?
It shows you what injustice that 'ere paper's done
For downright revulushun, well it fairly takes the bun

(If 'e were to come round to our 'ouse I'd stop his circulation for 'im)


Wot is the Government about? It's very plain to me
They should arrest that hedition for preaching hannerky
An' 'ave 'is mind hexamined by a Doctor, an' if mad
Then pack 'im off to Colney Hatch, the place for sich a fad

Written and performed by Charles Coborn (1852-1945)
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