There's parties as yer meets about wot wins yer 'eart instanter,
They give the rest a goodish start, and beats 'em in a canter.
There's one I know as licks 'em all, and that's my fellow-lodger,
He's up to every knowin' fake, a fair old artful dodger.

Chorus: Sich A Nice Man Too! Sich a very nice man,
Not a bit stuck up, no beastly affectation.
One who somehow makes you feel
That you really have a deal,
With a gentleman by birth and education.

'E'll 'old a pu's' like this and say, 'My fame I will not sully,
I'm sellin' quids a bob a time, it ain't a rush, old cully.
See there's the quid, I drops it in.' You somehow can't resist it -
You buys the pu's', there ain't no quid,
Says he, 'You must 'ave missed it.'


You ought to seen 'im on the course a-rakin' in the rhino,
Got up regardless - quite the toff - in togs turned out by Kino.
He makes a book on every race, to use 'is own expression,
He says, that bein' Welsh by birth, he's made it 'is profession.


He used to play at 'odd man out', the drink he won was many,
Till some cove in 'is pocket found a double-headed penny.
It broke 'im up, 'e went straight 'ome and bashed 'is next door neighbour,
'E's occupied at present doin' eighteen months 'ard labour.


Written and composed by Albert Chevalier and Charles Ingle - 1892
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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