(They Built Piccadilly For Me)
You can tell by my manner and style
I'm a swell, yes, a swell all the while
It's one life of pleasure, I stroll at my leisure
My stride to an inch is correct Bond Street measure
I walk up and down Piccadilly
From sunrise to close of the day
I've strolled the same beat till I've worn out my feet
And my ankles have senile decay.

I'm Silk Hat Tony, I'm down and I'm stony
I'm not only broke but I'm bent
The fringe round my trousers keeps lashing the houses
But, dammit, I'm gay and content
I stroll the West gaily, you'll see me there daily
From Burlington Arcade up to the Old Bailey
I'm Tony, I'm stony
But that makes no difference you see
If I haven't a fraction, I've this satisfaction
They built Piccadilly for me.
Written and composed by William Hargreaves - 1913
Performed by J.W. Rickaby (1869-1929)
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