Oh, I am Billy Buntin, and I'm the very lad,
That set the cat a huntin', and people say it's sad;
To see a pretty boy like me, a simple little Iump,
With such a face and figure too, and yet I'm off my chump.

Chorus: Little-Willie, little Willie,
People call me Silly Billy,
Silly Billy, Silly Billy,
Silly Billy Buntin'.

Dingie, dingie dongie, dingie dongie bell,
Pretty, pretty little pussy's in the well;
It wasn't I that did it, but I know who put her in,
From information I received, 'twas little Tommy Green.


I know a pretty lassie at the Lion Inn,
Whenever I do pass, she always asks me in;
She smooths my face and pats my cheek, and is so sweet and coy,
And I'm quite in love with her, I'm such a silly boy.

Spoken - I've been silly ever since I was born, They could scarcely get me to live. I was so silly.' I cried when I was born, in case I was a little girl. I was so silly.' I wouldn't cot my teeth like other babies, cos I wanted my gums lanced. I was so silly I wouldn't go to sleep like other babies, 'cos I knew if I kept awake mother would give me a drop of something to make me sleep, so I kept awake, I was so silly! I couldn't learn to walk like other babies, 'cos I liked to be pushed about in the scrambulator, I was so silly! I couldnt learn to speak like other children either, 'cos I knew I wouldn't get what was necessary, so I didn't speak at all, I just cried, and they tried me with all sorts of things to find out what I cried for, I was so silly.


Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1876
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840 - 1904)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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