Bill 'Iggins used to be about as smart a sort of bloke
As you'd see down East, that's straight
He could drink a cask o' beer or prop a p'liceman on the ear
And on the cellar flap his steps was great
But a gal he met she was Pie-shop-Bet
And she seemed to knock the stuffin' out of Bill
Now she's given him the chuck and he's fairly in the muck
And his chivvy's quite enough to make you ill - poor Bill
He looks as if he'd just come off the Mill - poor Bill

Chorus: All the pearlies is off his jimmy prescott
And his caddy is a brim wifout a top
His roundmys is hanging on his legs like sacks
And his hair's just like a mop
He ain't had a scrap for a week I'll swear
Wif a p'liceman he's as gentle as a dove
They've sold his bloomin' moke and his heart is fairly broke
Since Bill's been crossd in love.

He first showed of lunacy by going home at ten
And on Saturday I'm blowed
When inside the Dog and Tank small lemonade, was all he drank
That he was 'balmy on the crump' we knowed
Then a p'liceman said, 'move on fathead.'
We expected Bill would tear him right in half
But when he says, 'All right sir' well it gave us all a stir
Though we all felt much too horrified to laugh - poor Bill
We was all too broken hearted for to chaff - poor Bill.


His moke it kicked him once as if to say 'wake up old pal'
But he let his whiskers grow
Till the kids says, 'Here's a lark! What-o-mister Bushy Park.'
But Billy never lifted hand or toe
Since his gal has guyed he's got quite cock-eyed
And his face you could grow 'taters on - it's right
If he'd only have a wash we'd set him up in splosh
P'raps he'd rally if we got him up a fight - poor Bill
Oh! to see him chew a copper up tonight - poor Bill.

Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1897
Performed by Alec Hurley (1871-1913)
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