(The Boy's Message)
'Skylark,' said the dear littleā€š boy
'Pray where do you go when you fly so high?
Skylark, say, is it true
That you sing to the angels in the sky?
If so, my mother's an angel up there
And we do miss her so, you see
So would you, please, the next time you go
Take this message from Dad and me.

Chorus: Skylark, skylark, winging your flight so high
Skylark, skylark, when you go up in the sky
If among the angels mother you see
Ask her if she will come down again
To poor dear Daddy and me.

Skylark! 'twas a message of love
Pathetic enough for an angel's tear
Skylark trilled it in song
And it reached to the angel mother's ear
God must have heard, for, that night in his sleep
The boy smiled and said, 'Mother dear
I knew you'd come to your own little boy
If my message you got to hear.'


'Skylark,' said a desolate man
'Your message has robbed me of my dear boy
Skylark, death's angel has come
And took up to heaven my pride and my joy
Don't sing today, for each beautiful note
Seems to bring back the days gone by
The wife I adored and the darling who gave you
That message to sing on high.'
Written and composed by E.W. Rogers -1901
Performed by Arthur Lennard (1867-1954)
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