(or The School Of Jolly Dogs)
There is a school of jolly dogs
I've lately come across
They're game for any mortal thing
From this (sparring attitude) to pitch and toss.

Chorus: They always seem so jolly oh, so jolly oh, so jolly oh
They always seem so jolly oh, wherever they may be
They dance, they sing, they laugh ha ha
They laugh ha ha, they dance, they sing, what jolly dogs are we
Fal la la, Fal la la, Fal la la,
Fal la la, Fal la la, Fal la la
Fal de the ral, de the ral lal li do
Slap, bang, here we are again
Here we are again, here we are again
Slap bang, here we are again, what jolly dogs are we.

They met each night at six o' clock
And then sit down to dine
They put the courses out of sight
And then they take their wine.


At eight 'o clock they sally forth
Because you know it's dark
'Follow my leader' cries the chief
Tonight we'll have a lark.


To balls or hops of course they go
And each man does his weed
They stick by one another
As they've previously agreed.


Sring-heel Jack and all his pals
With their nocturnal larks
I'm sure were not a patch upon
This school of modern sparks.

Written and composed by Harry Copeland - 1865
Performed by Frank Hall (1836-1898)
Performed by Alfred Vance (1838-1888)
Performed by Tom MacLagan (1827-1902)
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