I've come round to ask you to make it up, Sal,
So come down and open the door.
The whales and the sharks may soon gobble me up,
And you'll never see me anymore.
I'll bring home a parrot for you, if you do,
Some monkeys, hyenas and elephants, too.

Chorus: So long Sally, I'm going a-way.
The anchor's weighed, the anchor's weighed.
Soon I'll be sailing across the spray,
Before I go away, there's a word I'd like to say.
It's so long Sally, I'm going a-way,
But I nearly forgot to say,
That I shan't leave you 'til I find my ship,
But in case I do, toodle-oo, pip-pip,
Sally so-long, I'm going a-way.

No doubt you'll be longing to see me come back,
And if I come back when I'm back.
You'll know that I'm back, Sall, when I come back,
'Coz I'll never come back 'til I'm back.
If you come to meet meet me, Sal, when I come back,
Don't come to the front door, come round to the back.


I know that I've been a bad lad to you Sal,
But, still I forgive you for that.
Let bygones be bygones and give me a kiss,
And caress me again on the mat.
The wind's blowing up and it looks like a storm,
So join in the chorus and keep yourselves warm.

Performed by Harry Weldon (1881-1930)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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