Every Christmas time we went
To Uncle Ned's on pleasure bent
As sure as 'ere the time came round
A jolly party would be found
Eating cakes and drinking wine
All the ladies looked divine
All the tables cleaned away
And then the band commenced to play.

Chorus: And some danced the lancers
And some the gay quadrille
And others danced the Polka
And danced it with a will
Uncle Ned was nearly dead
And Auntie lost her wig
They got into a corner
And they danced an Irish jig.

Uncle was a good old sort
And very fond of good old port
There's Auntie she was just the same
She always joined in every game
'Hunt the slipper', 'Blind man's bluff'
They ne'er seemed to have enough
Dancing, singing all the while
In the good old fashioned style.


Every guest must sing or play
Or else a fine they'd have to pay
And Uncle always made us roar
When he sang 'One Polka more'
Then on Auntie he would call
To sing us 'Over the garden wall'
Or 'My Jane, my pretty Jane'
And then the band commenced again.


Time for parting, half past four
But still the guests all wanted more
'Just one more dance and that's the last'
And then the glasses round were passed
Uncle, smiling all serene
Started off 'God Save the Queen'
Then we all went home to bed
Dreamed of Aunt and Uncle Ned.

Written and composed by Lester Barrett & Lester Thomas - 1895
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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