A-rahnd a-baht the neighbourhood where I 'angs aht
The donahs and the blokes is werry wide
You'd fink they'd 'ad a decent edyercation
If yer only seed 'em shuvvin on the side
They never soils their maulers wiv a stroke o' graft
Yet clobbers in the fashions up to date
They're as strong as Champion's mustard when yer pipes 'em out
And when I does I has to tell 'em straight.

Chorus: Well, some o' yer do git abaht on the sly
Wiv-out any wedge or a rap in yer ski
Never a workin', I can't make it aht
It's a knock-aht 'ow some o' yer do git abaht.

When there's going to be a scrap wiv two professionals
They drives up to their club in evening dress
Wiv a tosh that shuts up like a concertina
They're a fraud, I gives yer my word - nuffing less
They never tumbles aht until the streets is aired
Which o' course is in the middle o' the day
Says it's only fools an' 'orses that was made for work
Then I quickly cops the spike and 'as to say,


Once they used to fink it quite a luxury
If they went to Eppin' Forest for the day
Wiv a cart they used to borrow from the coalshop
And an 'orse that used to draw the brewer's dray
But nar they goes on what they call the Continong
And tries to come it wiv their 'parlez vous'
But when I spots the growler call to take 'em
I can't 'elp shouting aht, and so would you,


Written and composed by Charles Cornell & Gus Eplett - 1894
Performed by Gus Elen (1862-1940)
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