I went to a musical party,
Our members once gave at a hall,
But as we kept strictly to singing,
There wasn't much music at all.
The ladies, that night, were invited,
We all like to bask in their smiles,
And as to, well, as to the singing,
There were of course various styles.

Chorus: Some sang high and some sang low,
Some sang rather sharp, you know.
Some sang big and some sang small,
And some of the members didn't sing at all.

Now, first of all came a young swell, ah!
Who's voice was decidedly off,
But still as our one only tenor,
He started to sing with a cough.
The song was inviting young Maudie,
With him in the garden to stray,
She didn't consent and no wonder,
For he appealed to her this way,

(Imitate tenor with cracked voice attempting, 'Come Into The Garden, Maude' he breaks down.) So we all joined in the chorus, and...


The next was our bass profundo,
Who in just by accident dropped,
His voice went right down to the cellar,
Oh, how I do wish it had stopped.
Of 'locks, bolts and bars' he was trying,
Though he couldn't find the right key,
And just like the wolf that went howling,
The moon with his lungs he made free.

(Imitate bass trying to sing 'Wolf' starting in wrong key. Break down or finish with horrible howl.)

The last was a simpering soprano,
(I heard one girl call her 'a cat')
Her face was decidedly sharpish,
Her notes unmistakably flat.
She tried, 'I cannot Sing The Old Songs'
A statement undoubtedly true,
I prayed if she couldn't sing old songs,
She shouldn't attempt any new.

Spoken - But she did it in this style...

(Imitate squeaky soprano singing 'Loves Old Sweet Song'. Wind up with unearthly shriek.)

Spoken - 'Twas plain she knew nothing about 'Loves Old Sweet Song' so we all joined in and,

Performed by George Leyton (1864-1948)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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