Somebody else's baby, dear little hungry mite
Left on a workman's doorstep, one chilly winter's night
'Wife,'said the man, as the little one smiled
'Oft we have wished to be blessed with a child
This is a gift from the angels above
Now we have something to cherish and love.'

Chorus: Somebody else's baby, somebody else's boy
Two loving heart made glad and gay
By the treasure that somebody cast away
Nobody's child no longer, two people's pride and joy
Somebody else's baby, somebody else's boy.

Someone else's baby grew up a stalwart lad
Two folks to educate him, gave all the wealth they had
Somebody's boy said, 'To sea I will go.'
Fond mother wept, for she worshipped him so
Even old Dad wiped a tear from his eye
As, on the quay, someone bade him good-bye.


Trouble o'ertook the old folks, no news from o'er the foam
Rough men the cot were stripping, selling the dear old home
Now the first 'lot'is put to be sold
Hark! a voice rings from the crowd, saying, 'Hold!
Put back those goods. Here's your money! Now go!'
Who saved the dear old folks'home,? Don't you know?


Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1909
Performed by Arthur Lennard (1867-1954)
Performed by Florrie Gallimore (1867-1944)
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