There is a very pretty girl whom I admire,
And her name's Sophia, she's as sweet as briar,
I only wish at present too that I was nigh her,
For my heart always is with Sophia.

Chorus: Sophia - phia - phia,
Is the girl that I admire,
For her love I do aspire,
And if it I could acquire,
A piano I would buy her,
On the three years system hire,
Or on battle field expire,
For Sophia - phia - phia.

She's very shy, in fact I never saw one shyer,
For when I stand by her she will blush like fire,
With every luxury in life by Jove I'd supply her,
If I had but the love of Sophia.


Her father's made his money as a cleaner and dyer,
And is going to retire with his wife and Sophia,
I hear he's bought a villa down in Gloucestershire,
I shall die if I lose my Sophia.


If anyone had told me that a girl like Sophia,
Would such love inspire, I'd call him a liar,
I'll kill myself or else I'll end my days as a friar,
If I can't gain the love of Sophia.

Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1882
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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