If you've ever been to Spain and seen the ladies
You will want to go again if you're on the mash
Naughty, naughty little flirts, for love their trade is
Under their veils see bright eyes flash
When 'neath their windows you sing a bit
Ting-a-ling a bit on the plaintive guitar
Longing that night to be owner
Of a sweet blushing young donna
When in short skirts they commence to dance
Then the girls of France have to put up the bar
Talk about can-cans and shows of feet
With the bolero they can't compete
Backward they lean in style seductive
Very amusing and highly instructive.

Chorus: The Spanish Senora, the swells all adore her
And often before her guitars they will strum
She trips on her toe a bit, her ankles to show a bit
Don't you think she doesn't know a bit

Where the sun is very warm, the girls are also
And it's very proper form to flirt far and wide
There the men are very spoony, ballads bawl so
All about moonlight and flowing tide
There all the ladies can smoke a bit
And can joke a bit when the bull fight is on
There you see married men shirking
While their poor wives go out working
Girls in thick veils their dark faces hide
What they're like inside fairly puzzles the don
Ugly girls with figures smart
This Spanish lesson should take to heart
But though they closely veil their faces
They're rather free just about the boot-laces.


Spain is noted as the shrine of onions tasty
Also for its ruby wine which get into your head
Famous for its little fights 'twixt lovers hasty
Fine and large brigands are there 'tis said
But 'tis the ladies who take the cake
You make no mistake, they can give us a start
Married ones there, if their old men
Happen to be rather cold men
Soon will select a young cavalier
Whom in England here we should call a sweetheart
There young men lodgers who play the flute
Seem quite a recognised institute
While the old man is on the fuddle
Lodger and senora kiss and cuddle.

Written and composed by E.W. Rogers - 1894
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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