The stars at night were shining shining
Filling the sky with a golden lining
Watching two lovers entwining, twining
Down in a shady dell
He was a soldier so martial, martial
She was a maiden unto him partial
As he said,'None but the stars shall, stars shall
Our little doings tell.'
The stars at each other commenced to wink
Juno nudged Saturn, which made him blink
And said, 'Those two lovers, I really think
Are childen of Venus and Mars.'

Chorus: Oh, the story of the stars, when Venus first met Mars
She was a maiden with a lot of gold
Mars was a soldier brave and bold
On a country seat miles from ma's and pa's
By the moonlight pale he told the tale
The story of the stars.

Now Venus was a fairy, fairy
But had a pa who was most contrary
He was the boss of a dairy, dairy
A star in the milky way
Money he'd made out of chalk and water
Which at his death came to his daughter
So when young Mars came round to court her
He watched them both night and day
For tricky young Mars had a rolling eye
Which twinkled as merry as stars in the sky
And thought he to himself, 'Well, this is a pie!'
Did that dashing and artful young Mars.


The end, of course, was sloping, sloping
On a dark night they were both eloping
Made preparations and hoping, hoping
Nobody else was nigh
But just as he gave her some kisses, kisses
Upon the scene came the soldier's missis
Said, 'What a pretty game this is, this is'
And banged him in the eye
She cried as his hair she began to comb
'And so from your missis you meant to roam
And the twenty five starving kids at home
Oh, I'll give you Venus and Mars.'

Chorus: And the story of the stars
Is the missis outed Mars
Her twenty pound fist hit him on the eye
And he saw more stars than are in the sky
His face is full of scars and he walks past ma's and pa's
Like a dog in town, tail hanging down
Is the story of the stars.
Performed by Arthur Reece (1870-1964)
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