(I Am Very Much In Love With You)
He was the same old love-sick coon,
Who sang of his dusky queen,
She was a bright-eyed octoroon
The sweetest girl he'd seen.
He met Sue in the afternoon,
Never came out at night,
And to show that a coon could dispense with the moon,
He sang in the bright sunlight.

Refrain: Sue, Sue, Sue, I am very much in love with you,
Sue, Sue, Sue, when your pretty little eyes of blue (are shining)
Few, few, few, little girls are as nice as you
We will never, never part,
For your loving little heart
I sue, sue, sue.

A matinee mash just suited Sue;
She could sport her latest gown,
The envy of all the girls she knew
As she strolled through Coonville Town.
Then on the lake in a little canoe,
Lazily floating along,
He to his Sue, vows would renew,
And sing her the same old song.


True love never runs smooth, they say,
Which Jim soon found was right,
For though he smiled on Sue each day,
Another coon smiled at night.
The new coon wooed in the same old way,
With the help of his friend, the moon,
Won her heart right away
With the old-fashioned way,
And the same old dreamy tune.


Written and composed by Lester Barrett & Herman E. Darewski Jnr. - 1908
Performed by Lester Barrett (d. 1924)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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