The suffragettes are with us still
They mean to give you fellows the pill
For you there is no pardon
You men are simply worms, they say
Just like the things on rainy day
Got ploughed up in the garden
But all the same we must admit
The suffragettes have pluck
They're sure to get the vote some day
Ja, with an ounce of luck
They push and push their rights to get
They mean to have'em too you bet
They'll put the whole world out of joint
To get a vote, but here's a point.

Spoken: The points is, girls, stand up for your rights. If you can't stand up, sit down, but don't let them catch you bending. Why should a woman play second fiddle to a man? Huh! And when it comes to this why should a woman play second fiddle at all, if she's got her old man's bald head for a drum? It's the same old story. You haven't got the feeling from the heart, upwards! Who... who will sit by a man's bedside when he's ill and nurse that man back to life? The woman. It's the woman. Who brings the troubleThe men don't appreciate women. Who is it who will stick like glue to a man when trouble comes? It's the woman. Who brings the trouble? Never mind. Now, mind you, Idon't believe like some women what says, A man, a man is nothing but trouble. Now that's an insult. Any woman what says a man is like a microbe, as I say, it's an insult... to the microbe. Ah, and that will show you - that will show you the difference between a man and a woman if they were both put up for parliament. After the election, where would the man be, huh? The man would be at the bottom of the poll. And where would the woman be? - Up the poll. Ja!

But supposing that we beat 'em
Give 'em all enough to eat an'
I reckon they'll be happier after all.
Performed by 'Happy' Fanny Fields (1881-1961)
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