I sat beside a little girl inside a road-side Inn
She sighed beside the fireside, and then she sighed again
So I decided by her side I'd sidle up and put on side
Some cider was beside her side inside a little tin
She said she had decided it was cider made her stout
When with a pain inside - sham pain without a doubt
But still she had no spirit, for she sighed and rolled her eyes
She had a lot of side, and sighed a lot for one of her size.

Chorus: Susie was oozy, too much cider she'd inside her
I sighed and she sighed, she was wide but I was wider
While she was sighing, from her side I 'guyed'
Then Susie sighed again, and then committed suicide.

She only sighed quite satisfied when she had cider got
She had a lot of cider too, that's why she sighed a lot
Then, after, Susie sighed for pies, I bought her pies - they were a size
The inside, too, was full of size, for jelly it was not
Decidedly I was a 'pie' to keep her occupied
In pudding pies in her inside - no wonder Susie sighed
She sighed again for cider till I hadn't got a sou
Except the Sue beside my side - a rank outsider too.


Said Sue, 'I think oxide of zinc inside some cider I
Wiill soon let slide in my inside' Then Suey sighed a sigh
Then I decided, when outside, with her I couldn't coincide
She turned aside to go inside with tears inside her eye
Then Suey sighed she'd sue me for my only sou, or be
A scientific cypher of a wife to cypher me
Then as I 'guyed' aside, she sighed, and then inside she popped
Then dropped a loving line to me, and from a line she dropped

Written and composed by F.W. Carter & R.P. Weston - 1901
Performed by Charles Bignell (1866-1935)
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