Oh, Genevieve, I'd give the world
To live again the lovely past
The rose of youth was dew impearled,
But now it withers in the blast
I see thy face in every dream,
My waking thoughts are full of thee
Thy glance is in the starry beam
That falls along the summer sea.

Chorus: Oh, Genevieve, sweet Genevieve
The days may come, the days may go
But still the hands of memory weave
The blissful dreams of long ago.

Fair Genevieve, my early love
The years but make thee dearer far
My heart shall never, never rove
Thou art my only guiding star
For me the past has no regret
What e'er the years may bring to me
I bless the hour when first we met
The hour that gave me love and thee.

Written and composed by George Cooper & Henry Tucker
From a poem by George Cooper in memory of his wife who died shortly after their marriage. The music was added in 1869, some fifteen years later.
Performed by John McCormack, Belle Cole, Will Oakland el al.
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