(Rose, Rose, Everyone Knows)
Talk about your 'Daffies' down the "Dilly"
Or all your saucy "Daisies" up the West
I'm a pretty flower from nature's garden
And "Rosie" is the name that suits me best
I'm a "Bloomer" in the summer and the winter
And the tears they come a trickling in my eyes
‘Cos I reckon that I ought to bloom for ever
Can you tell me why the sweetest flower dies?

Chorus: Rose, Rose, everyone knows
Sweet little Rose from Persia
No one could wish for a sweeter flower
I've never been out in an April shower
Don't let me fade away
I'm a bunch of sweet delight
When I'm in the Park I look nice in the dark
But a little bit off in the light.

I'm a flower that has never stopped a "dew-drop"
Or stopped out lately in the "Morning dew"
I'm not a common nasty little "Dog-rose"
I'm pretty little Rose from Waterloo
I'm as fresh as any water lily
Though I haven't yet been watered since the flood
Oh I'm sure I shall go off of my "geranium"
If someone doesn't nip me in the bud.


A fellow mashed me once and then he "edged me"
And left me in a lonely hedge to die
He kicked me in the "pansy " with his ‘Daisy"
Then poked a "Stinging-nettle" in my eye"
He said I was a "saucy old chrysanthemum"
He's left me by myself to bloom alone
But wait till I get hold of my "Sweet William"
I'll make him keep the little "buds" at home.

Written and composed by Fred J. Barnes & Chas. Collins - 1900
Performed by Tom Leamore (1866-1939)
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