Now I went just to see the gay play of 'Nell Gwynne'
And I went with a sweet little lady
As I'd never before been in love with a girl
My intentions were straight and not shady
Her name too is Nell, and stranger to tell
She lives in the Drury Lane quarter
Her dad's name is Lane - known as Old Drury Lane
And I'm sweet on Old Drury Lane's daughter.

Chorus: Sweet Nell, my little Nell, Nell of Old Drury Lane
For Nell Gwynne I don't care a pin
It's you I want - and I mean to win
For I love you - say 'Yes' or my heart will burst
Nell Gwynne had to do with Charles number two
But I'll be your Charles the First.

While the scene went all gay - with the saucy by play
Of King Charles and his orange girl 'donah'
I whispered in sweet little Nellie's pink ear
That I wanted to win and to own her
King Charles met his Nell down Old Drury Lane
If you ask for the spot - why they'll show it
But if Nell Gwynne's papa was like my Nellie's dad
Well - I'll wager King Charles would know it.


She asked if I didn't prefer Nellie Gwynne
And I nearly got into a fury
I replied, 'Why - she's only a stage imitation
But you're the real Nell of Old Drury
I swear to be true, sweet Nell, to you
Let's be married - now what could be nicer?
And I promise I won't have a dozen to love me
Like naughty old Charlie-the -twicer.

Written and composed by W. E. Imeson & Albert Perry - 1901
Performed by Bessie Bonehill (1855-1902)
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