When young Obadiah was twenty-one
He fell in love as most young fellows do
Regular every Thursday afternoon
He'd call upon his sweetheart Lucy Loo
In the garden he would find her
Seated on a quaint old swing
With true lovers devotion
He would set the swing in motion
And his Lucy dear would sing.

Chorus: 'Swing me just a little bit higher, Obadiah do
Swing me just a little bit higher, and I'll love you
Hold me on and I'll never fall
Swing me over the garden wall
Just a little bit higher, Obadiah do.'

Obadiah had little time to spoon
For should he dare to stop the swing, She's sigh
'Keep the pot a boiling there's a dear'
And once more Lucy's tootsies flew on high
All the young men round about there
On the garden walls would climb
And with eager faces
They would glance at frill and laces
As she warbled all the time.


But young Obadiah got his reward
In church one morning they stood side by side
At the wedding breakfast later on
Somebody missed the bridegroom and the bride
All the party went to find them
In the garden bye and bye
But soon they stopped seeking
The dear old swing was creaking
And they heard the sweet bride sigh.


When the shades of evening softly fall
And lights begin to glimmer all around
That old swing is swaying to and fro
It's shadow there reflected on the ground
While the man up in the bright moon
Gazing from his realms above
Is merrily winking
And the silver stars are blinking
As they hear this song of love.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Alfred E. Rick & Maurice Scott - 1907
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876-1940)
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