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Tailor Tried To Catch Her, The F.V. St. Clair
Take Back The Heart That You Gave Me Hal Wright
Take It Bob Arthur Lloyd
Take Me Away From The Streets And The Houses  
Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty Lily Morris
Take Me In A Taxi, Joe Vesta Victoria
Take My Tip And Get Home, Daddy (Parody)  
Take Your Girlie On The Steamer Lily Clarke
Take Your Time Don't Hurry Arthur Lloyd
Takes The Cake Arthur Lloyd
Tale Of My Husband's Shirt, The Ernie Mayne
Tale Of Paris, A Billy Williams
Tale Of The Skirt, The Marie Lloyd
Talk About A Big Responsibility Marie Lloyd
Tally-Ho! Nellie Wallace
Tallyman, The Little Tich
Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay Lottie Collins
Tarzan Of The Apes Ernie Mayne
Tatcho Harry Randall
Taximeter Car, The Billy Williams
Telegraph Girl, The George Leybourne
Tell Her The Old, Old Story Hetty King
Tell Me, Pretty Maiden  
Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes Ernie Mayne
Ten Minutes Too Late Harry Clifton
Thank God For The Middle Class Nelson Jackson
That Accounts For It Marie Lloyd
That Charlie Chaplin Walk Nat. D. Ayer
That Funny Little Bob-Tailed Coat Harry Champion
That Was A Bloomer Marie Lloyd
That Was Before My Time Marie Lloyd
That's A Bit Of Acting Off The Stage Arthur Lennard
That's Good Old London Ria Peggy Pryde
That's How He Tells The Lie J.H. Hurst
That's How I Lost My Good Name  
That's How The Little Girl Got On Marie Lloyd
That's How We Doos It Down The Mile End Road Alec Hurley
That's How You Parlez Vous Arthur Roberts
That's Philosophy  
That's Quite Sufficient, Thank You  
That's The Stuff To Give 'Em Harry Freeman
That's The way The World Goes Round Charles Coborn
That's The Worst Of Them Little Backstreets  
That's What He's Done For Me Vesta Victoria
That's What I Call Plucky George Robey
That's Where She Sits All Day Wilkie Bard
That's Where The Soldiers Go Lily Morris
That's Where The Trouble Begins W.F. Moss
That's Where They Found Me George Robey
That's Why I've Not Got 'Em On Arthur Lloyd
That's Work! George Robey
Their Heads Nestle Closer Together Vesta Tilly
There Ain't A Bit Of Pride About Me W.P. Dempsey
There Ain't No Gettin' Rid Of 'Im At All Gus Elen
There Are Nice Girls Everywhere Whit Cunliffe
There Is Somebody Waitin' For Me Harry Lauder
There They Are, The Two Of Them On Their Own Marie Lloyd
There Was Something On His Mind Marie Lloyd
There Won't Be Any Annual Michael Nolan
Thereby Hangs A Tale Jenny Hill
Therein Lurks Unseen Danger Arthur Rigby
There'll Be Dirty Work At The Crossroads Tonight  
There'll Be Some Dirty Weather Around The Needles Clifford F. Harris
There's A Girl Inside Victoria Monks
There's A Girl For Every Soldier Daisy Wood
There's A Good Time Coming For The Ladies Vesta Tilley
There's A Home For You With Me Wilkie Bard
There's A Girl In Havana Ella Retford
There's A Long, Long Trail Ada Reeve
There's A Lump In Your Throat And A Tear In Your Eye Arthur Lennard
There's A Peculiar Thing Wilkie Bard
There's Another Fellow Looks Like Me George Lashwood
There's Danger On The Line Arthur Lennard
There's No Place Like London Whit Cunliffe
There's No Toad In the Toad-In-The-Hole Ernie Mayne
There's Only One London Town Vesta Tilley
There's Something In The Seaside Air Whit Cunliffe
They Ain't No Class Herbert Campbell
They All Came Back Lester Barrett
They All Have A Mate But Me Sam Torr
They All Take After Me Harry Randall
They All Went Marching In Billy Williams
They Built Piccadilly For Me J.W. Rickaby
They Bunged Him In My Growler George Lashwood
They Can Do Without Us Whit Cunliffe
They Can't Find Kelly Billy Merson
They Can't Get The Better Of Me Will Bentley
They Don't Do That Sort Of Thing Now E.D. Ward
They Haven't Broken My Basin Up To Now  
They Never Do That To Me Arthur Rigby
They Walked For Miles And Miles  
They Wanted Me George Robey
They're All Beautiful Charles Bignell
They're All Single By The Sea Ella Retford
They're All Very Fine And Large Herbert Campbell
They're Beginning To Notice Me George Robey
They're Moving Father's Grave To Build A Sewer  
They've All Gone  
Thick-Ear'd Jim Alec Hurley
Thing He Had Never Done Before, A George Robey
Things Are Worse In Russia  
Thirteen Club, The Charles Collette
Thomas's Sewing Machine Arthur Lloyd
Those Girls At The School James Fawn
Those Wedding Bells Shall Not Ring Out Arthur Reece
Thousands Of Miles Away Louie Hurman
Three Ages Of Woman, The Marie Lloyd
Three Chapters Vesta Tilley
Three Cheers For Red, White and Blue Nellie Wallace
Three Individuals Walter Pink
Three Little Chambermaids The Sisters Wynne
Three Nice Girls R.A. Roberts
Three Times A Day Nellie Wallace
Three Young Ladies Vesta Tilley
Thtop Your Thtuttering Thammy Ernie Mayne
Ti Hi Tiddelly Hi Harry Rickards
Tick! Tick! Tick! Alfred Vance
Ticket Of Leave Man, The Alfred Vance
Tickle Me, Timothy, Do Billy Williams
Tiddy-Fol-Lol! Nellie Power
Tiddley Hi Lily Morris
Tiddley-Om-Pom Marie Lloyd
Tight Skirts Have Got To Go Whit Cunliffe
Tilly The Typress (Mum's The Word) Harry Bluff
Timothy Let's 'Ave A Look Harry Champion
Timothy Tubbs Arthur Lennard
Tin Gee-Gee, The (The Lowther Arcade) Fanny Wentworth
Ting, Ting, That's How The Bell Goes George Leybourne
Tink-A-Tin Albert Chevalier
Tipperary Rose Arthur Roberts
To Cheer Him Up And Help Him On His Way Jack Pleasants
To Cut A Long Story Short Jimmy Godden
To See If It Was Fit For Father Vesta Tilley
Toasts George Leyton
Tobermory Harry Lauder
Toddling Home Charles R. Whittle
Tommy Make Room For Your Uncle W. B. Fair
Tommy Trouble Charles R. Whittle
Tomorrow's Men Gus Hindell
Tooral-Ooral-Ooral Lee Arthur Lloyd
Toothpick And Crutch Alfred Vance
Topsy Turvey Arthur Roberts
Touching That Little Affair George Robey
Tow The Row Row Whit Cunliffe
Tower Of London, The Dan Leno
Town Crier, The Will Dalton
Toymaker's Tragedy, The Albert Chevalier
Trade Marks George Beauchamp
Tricky Little Trilby Marie Lloyd
Triple Conspiracy, A G. Wallis Arthur
Trixie Of Upper Tooting Ada Reeve
Troubles Wilkie Bard
True Friends Of The Poor T.S. Londsale
Truly Rural Lily Morris
Tuner's Oppor-tuner-ty, The Fred Coyne
Turkey And The Bear, The Fred Albert
Turn Over Leaf Wilkie Bard
Turned up Lily Morris
Turrible Shy Wi' The Maids Dick Henty
Twiddly Wink, The Marie Lloyd
Twiggy Voo Marie Lloyd
Twin Brothers, The Arthur Lloyd
Two Little Girls In Blue Lily Burnard
Two Little Sausages Gertie Millar
Two Little Vagabonds Paul Pelham
Two Lovely Black Eyes Charles Coborn
Two Rooms To Let Will Dalton
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