Miss Katie was a girl who lived in London Town
From London she had never been away
But she wished to be near the briny sea
Or the country 'mong the new mown hay
So when her lover came and called on her one night
She murmured, 'I'm so tired of London air
Let us catch a train, not come back again
For I'm longing for the wilds of anywhere.'

Chorus: 'Take me away from the streets and houses
Take me away from the smoke, smoke, smoke
Take me away from the bricks and mortar
Take me by land or take me by water
Take me away from the cabs and motors
I want to go for a holiday
Take me to Kew or Timbuctoo, anywhere will do
But take, take, take me away.'

She said, 'I'd like to wander round an old farm-yard
And watch the bees lay honey in the hive
And I want to view the old cuckoo 'coo'
And the sheep's head walking round alive
I'd love to watch the bullrush and the cowslip, too
And see the little peawit shelling peas
We would wander there thro' the freshlaid air
Plucking birds' eggs that are growing on the trees.'


Said Katie, 'Then perhaps we'll have a trip abroad
And take a penny steamer to New York
Or we'll maybe chance just a sail across to France
And if you don't like the boat we'll walk.'
But katie's lover didn't quite agree with her
Said he, 'I'm short of cash, it won't go round.'
Katie thought a while, then said with a smile
'Let's go on the tupp'ny tube or underground.'


Written and composed by G. Arthurs and A. J. Lawrance
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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