Jack Dunn strafing the Hun somewhere in France today
Keeps fit doing his bit, up to his eyes in clay
Each night after the fight, to pass the time along
He's got a little gramophone that plays this song.

Chorus: Take me back to dear old Blighty
Put me on a train to London Town
Take me over there, drop me anywhere
Birmingham, Leeds, or Manchester, well, I don't care
I should love to see my best girl
Cuddling up again we soon would be, Whoa
Tidley-idley-iti, hurry me home to Blighty
Blighty is the place for me.

Bill Spry started to fly up in an aeroplane
In France taking a chance, wished he was down again
Poor Bill feeling so ill, yelled out to pilot Brown
'Steady a bit, yer fool, we're turning upside down.'


Jack Lee having his tea, says to his pal Mac Fayne
'Look chum, apple and plum, it's apple and plum again
Same stuff isn't it rough, fed up with it I am
Oh for a pot of Aunt Elizer's raspberry jam.'


One day, Mickey O' Shea, stood in a trench somewhere
So brave, having a shave, trying to part his hair
Mickey yells (dodging the shells and lumps of dynamite)
Talk of the Crystal Palace on a fireworks night.

Performed by Lily Morris (1882-1952)
Performed by Ella Retford (1886-1962)
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