Joseph took his pretty little bride
To London Town, for the honey-moon
Arm in arm, they went to see the sights
Till late that afternoon
Joseph sighed when folks began to stare
'London's no place for a spoony pair.'
Just than a taxi-cab drew near
Said his wifey, 'Joe, I've struck a bright idea,

Chorus: 'Take me in a taxi, Joe, all around the town we'll go
You can kiss me down the Strand
In Piccadilly squeeze my hand
Tickle me, in Leicester Square and make me smile
Love me, all round Regent's Park, at eight pence a mile.'

'Some like courting in a country lane
But, tell me Joe, where's the novelty?
Spooning, in a taximeter cab, is better you'll agree.'
His bride whispered, with a loving smile
'Don't forget it's eight pence ev'ry mile
So if you take a ride round town
We can get a lot of love for half-a-crown.'


Joseph took his little wife's advice
And off they went for a taxi ride
When they'd had five shillings' worth of love
She felt quite satisfied
That joy ride, it filled her with delight
Now she dreams of taxis every night
When Joseph goes to sweet by -bye
She will make a grab at hubby's nose and cry,

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1913
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
Performed by May Moore Duprez (1885-1946)
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