When the Summer breezes blow, to the gay sea-side you go
For company you take your girlie too
And you lounge upon the sands, making eyes and holding hands
But that soon gets monotonous for you
One fine morning early you call on your sweetheart, Gert
And if it's windy ask her to put on her hobble skirt, and

Chorus: Take your girlie on a steamer
Take your girlie for a blow
When you're far from shore and the wild waves roar
Hold on tightly to your girlie, as you sing out merrily
'Well, I don't care if the ship goes down,
For it doesn't belong to me.'

Someone sings out, 'All aboard.' There you are just like a Lord
To do a breezy sailor walk you try
Then as cornet starts to blare, as you sit yourself somewhere
Down on a newly painted seat, Oh my!
'I'll stick to the ship lads' is the Chorus:they all yell
And when you move you find you're sticking to the ship as well


When it's moonlight on the blue, there's your girlie girl and you
You're pecking faces like two spoony birds
While you're making goo-goo eyes, such a breeze begins to rise
And then you're feeling much 'too full for words'
When the vessel lurches, for the side you make a grab
And yell out, 'Steward, Steward whistle for a taxi-cab.'

Written and composed by A. J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1911
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