I'm a silly tallyman - I am upon my word
And when I'm walking down the street, they're on me like a bird
The neighbours living round about they try to catch my eye
Instead of Mr Tallyman, they cal me 'Mister Pie'
Our game - oh my, talk about a game
The way they treat you really is a shame
They absolutely live on me, I'm always taken down
They say they'll pay me Monday, then borrow half-a-crown.

Chorus: It's all owe! Tallyally-owe, tally-ally-owe
The way they treat me, upon my soul
Enough to drive a fellow up the pole
Owe-owe- tally-ally owe, I hear it everywhere I go
I do the tallying, and they do the owing
So it's all tally-ally-ally-owe.

If I call at supper-time the girls are very hot
They dig me in the ribs, and borrow pennies for the slot
And when I call on Mrs Brown, who owes me lots of quids
She makes me wash the dinner things, and bath the little kids
They have bedsteads, clothes and wedding rings
Ladies 'what-nots' and other little things
They borrow this, and borrow that, and never, never pay
And a lady had the cheek to pinch my pencil yesterday.


I've been at this game a month and haven't earned a bob
And worn out twenty pairs of boots since I've been on the job
I fitted on a chap a lovely suit of clothes today
And when he got 'em on his back the bounder ran away
One old fat girl is always on the mash
When I asked this morning for the cash
She pouted up her lips at me - she is a saucy cat
Said, 'If you're fond of kissing, you can take it out of that.'


Performed by Little Tich (1867-1928)
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