There's a very nice school of girls in town, who work the telegraph,
They are very particular in their way and all day sing and laugh,
For they sit in front of a strange machine, with a handle in each hand,
These pretty little dears send twenty words, for sixpence, round the land.
With a...

Chorus: Tap, tap, tap and a click, click, click,
All day they sing and laugh.
With a tap, tap, tap and a click, click, click,
As they work the telegraph.

I was deeply attached to one of these and that you'll plainly see,
When I tell you what I've got to tell but she didn't care for me.
I went one day to Cannon Street, to telegraph out of town,
But I quite forgot what I had to say, when I saw sweet Fanny Brown.

SPOKEN - Yes, her name was brown, her dress was brown, her eyes were brown and she did me brown, from the first time that I heard that...


Said I, 'My dear, please telegraph but I've quite forgotten where,
Just name all the towns in England.' (Miss Brown began to stare.)
I felt much worse when I saw her eyes, that shone like stars above,
So said I, 'Just telegraph to your ma and tell her I'm deep in love.

SPOKEN - I felt that I was doing the Cure reversed, my heart received an electric shock all through that blessed...


The hint she took, she gave a smile, for weeks I saw her home,
I thought, could I but make her mine, why who would live alone;
Said I, 'What say, love, name the day, at the altar be my pet.'
Said she, 'A good rope round your neck is the halter you should get.'

SPOKEN - Very delicate way to alter my intentions but she couldn't have taken me for a donkey, or a candidate for Newgate, no, a slight mistake of hers and after a glance, she began her...


Now most girls like a walking stick and I was hers, you see,
There's many a chap that's here tonight, that's been the same as me,
By Jingo! there was not a night but her I'd try to find,
And when she walked with another swell, then I used to walk behind.

SPOKEN - Just like a little dog, not exactly a 'Jolly Dog' considering there was my girl with another fellow. If shed heard my heart beat louder than her...


To a telegraph clerk in Manchester, on the wires she sent her heart,
They vowed and swore by telegraph that for life they'd never part,
She'd never seen him in all her life but she got his photograph,
And all the spare time this couple had, they'd make love by telegraph.

SPOKEN - Peculiar mode to make love, anyhow, the fellow wired in and got his name up, so after all, I wish success to the girl and the...

Written and composed by George Leybourne & Alfred Lee - 1860
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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