Remember when everyone danced in the town
It got such a hold on the people around
Made such a hit that they all got it bad
And everybody just simply went mad
It got so they danced all the night and the day
If you were good you made a hit
But since moving pictures became all the rage
Everyone now must admit.

Chorus: It doesn't matter everywhere you go
Watch 'em coming out of any cinema show
Shuffling along, They're acting like a rabbit
When you've seen Charlie Chaplin, you can't help but get the habit
First they stumble over both their feet
Swing their sticks and look up and down the street
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
All your wife's relations and half a dozen others
In London, Paris and New York
Everybody does that Charlie Chaplin walk.

Since Charlie Chaplin became all the craze
Everybody copies his funny old ways
They copy his hat and the curl of his hair
His moustache is something you cannot compare
They copy the way he makes love to the girls
His method really is a treat
There's one thing 'bout Charlie they never will get
And that is the shoes on his feet, and

Written and composed by Wm. A. Downs -1915
Performed by Nat. D. Ayer (1887-1952)
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