Boys, have you ever seen my Dinah?
She's got thrown out of Carolina
She is as lazy as a coon can be
That's where she sits all day
The first time that I met her it was at a church bazaar
I asked her if she'd be my little U-am-var
She said I'd have to get permission from her Pa
Papa said he'd only be too glad
Hark those bells! (bells ring)
Hark those bells (bells ring)
I should like to call your notice to those bells.

Chorus: My gal is not a shy gal
But she's a fly gal, knows what she is at
List the mocking bird (bird song off)
He gets half-a,crown a week for doing that
And I know, as well as you know
Perhaps you don't know, perhaps you might
That's where she sits all day
I'd like to find out where she sits at night.

My gal is very fascinating
I don't believe in overrating
In the jug department of a public house
That's where she sits all day
She used to be up every morning with the lark
Go picking cotton in her Father's private park
One day she started picking pockets for a lark
Now she's picking oakam for a change
Hark those bells (bells don't ring)
I said hark those bells (bells ring a little)
I'm inclined to think those bells want a lot of harking.

Written and composed by Frank Leo - 1900
Performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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