Ever since sister Mary Ann took on with Mr Green
I have no complaints to make, I'll tell you what I mean
Every time he makes a call, that's nearly every day
Both of 'em seem to look on me as being in the way
If I go in the parlour when the pair of them are there
Oh, it's a lark to see the way they both begin to glare
Mary she looks at Mr Green, and then he winks his eye
Look at me now! They've sent me out, I'm sure I don't know why

Chorus: There they are, The two of them on their own
In the parlour, alone, alone, alone
They've given me half a crown
To run away and play
Li-ti-id-dle-dy Hi-ti-id-dle-dy

Into the parlour once I went quite unexpectedly
Timothy Green was nursing sister Mary on his knee
Oh, it was fun, for, Mister Green, in jumping from the chair
Let go of Mary, down she flopped, and hurt herself somewhere
Every day for hours and hours they in the parlour stick
Kissing and cuddling, 'pon my word, it fair gives me the sick
They usually start just after tea, I hardly think it right
I'd like to know just what they do till twelve o' clock at night


Now that I find that Mr Green is such a generous man
I shall go into the parlour just as often as I can
When he gave me this half-crown it was a big surprise
He told me to run away and play, and then he blessed my little eyes
I've been and gone and played a trick, I'm sorry 'pon my word
I am afraid by now that something dreadful has occurred
I got a pound of cobbler's wax, they will be in a plight
I've put it on the sofa, and they're sitting there tonight

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Murray/Leigh & George Le Brunn/E. Nevin
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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