At the Bricklayers Factory where I'm working now
We've an Outing once a year
And each week the boys are willing to subscribe a humble shilling
T'wards the wagonettes, the vitals and the beer
Somebody to mind all the bobs and hold 'em safe
They said was very nessessaree
So after lots of studyin' and 'Pig and Whistle' beer
They voted for Maloney - that was me.

Chorus: And they made me treasurer to mind all the money
For the Outing don't you see?
But I've been busy backing gee-gee-gees
Puttin' shillin's on the one, two, threes
Tomorrow for our Annual Outing on me they're going to call
But I feel a trifle funny, for I've done in all the money
So there won't be any Annual at all, at all, at all
No there won't be any Outing after all.

From a bookie pal o' mine I had no end of certs
And I backed 'em like a gent
Though my bookie had some skinners, I could not find any winners
Sure, and that's the way the boys 'subscriptions' went
Ev'ry blessed day I'd five separate shillin' bets
An' none of them has got home up to yet
One day I had a plunge, you know, I backed the 'raft' each way
And that done in another wagonette.


When the boys call round on me, tomorrow morn at nine
When I could explain of course
But the fates have mercy on me if they lay their hands on me
Well, I mightn't live to back another horse
I shan't be at home, but I'd leave a little note
An' I'll tell the wife a joke or two to crack
Dear boys, through backing gee-gees I've done all your money in
I've gone to back a cert, and win it back.

Performed by Michael Nolan (1867-1910)
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