Charlie, a lonely batchelor boy, looking awfully sad
Hadn't got a girlie, often wished he had
Every girl he happened to meet, had a soldier beau
And when he passed the courting couples he'd often murmur 'Oh

Chorus: There's a girl for every soldier
There's a girl for every soldier boy
Oh Tommy, the civvies envy you
They don't know how you find them, but you do, do, do
There's a girl for every soldier
It's the uniform that does it sure enough
For whenever you meet a little bit of Khaki
You're sure to find a little bit of fluff'

Every parson's wearing a smile, happy as you please
Buying lots of war loan with the wedding fees
Tying the knot's a prosperous game, what a rush there's been
For as our vicar said last week in his Parish Magazine


Who can resist the wonderful smile of a fusilier
When he's talking nonsense in a girlie's ear
Sandy looks simply grand in his kilt flutt'ring in the breeze
Really you must admire him even if he's got house-maid's knees

Performed by Daisy Wood (1877-1961)
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