Poor old Bertie boy was in a serious frame of mind
As he travelled up to town for change of air
Aunt Phoebe, sad to say, had but lately passed away
Leaving Bertie a sort of semi-millionaire
Now Bertie's aunt had left him all her money
So that he might help the 'Cause of Woman'
'It's a noble cause' said she,
'Her lot has been a sad one but there dawns a brighter day'
And as the train arrived in town you might have heard him say

Chorus: There's a good time coming for the ladies
A good time coming by and by
Old days and old ways they're all gone
And I'm going to help the good work on
There's a good time coming for the Ladies
And I'm ready to run the pantomime
Maudie, Kate and Flo and all the girls I know
Can have a good time, one at a time

A lady took his ticket, and a lady took his bag
And she saw him in a taxi there and then
Bertie sat there open-eyed when this placard he espied
'All the suffragettes decide to help the men!'
'Good gracious me' cried Bertie 'what would Aunt Phoebe say
If she could see the wondrous change in women of today?
There must be some disturbance on, from what the paper tells
The nuts have gone, and all the girls are busy with the shells'


Soon as Bertie understood there was a war somewhere
He enlisted - 'twas the best thing he could do
And he's done his little share in the trenches over there
It's a pretty tough experience he's been through
His pay's about a bob a day - that won't go far I fear
But since his private income's umpty-thousand pounds a year
He says, 'When I get home again there's going to be some noise
Especially when I meet those girls who've worked hard for us boys

Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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