Nights are growing very lonely, days are very long
I'm a-growing very weary only listening for your song
Old remembrances are thronging through my memory
Thronging till it seems the world is full of dreams
Just to call you back to me.

Chorus: There's a long, long trail a-winding
Into the land of my dreams
Where the nightingales are singing
And a white moon beams
There's a long, long night of waiting
Until all my dreams come true
Till the day when I'll be going down
That long, long trail with you.

All night long I hear you calling, calling sweet and low
Seem to hear your footsteps falling everywhere I go
Though the road between us stretches many a weary mile
Somehow I forget that you're not with me yet
When I think I see your smile.

Written and composed by Alonzo Elliott & Stoddard King - 1913
Performed by Ada Reeve (1874-1966)
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