When a fellow takes a wife he ought to settle down
Not like my friend Mr Jaggs, go strolling round the town
Jack lives in the suburbs and he hadn't long been wed
Ere his wifie thought it time to kick and so she said
'Oh William tell me do, if what they say is true
It isn't business quite, that keeps you out at night
They've seen you frequently in bad society'
William said, 'I wouldn't practise such deception love, the fact is

Chorus: There's another fellow looks like me
There's another fellow looks like me
We're so much alike that we might be twins
And I get the blame for all his sins
They'll be trouble very soon, you'll see
I shall be the M.U.G.
Don't think it's me love, don't cos it isn't
There's another fellow just like me.'

Mrs Jaggs declared that the tale was wonderful if true
Said Billy 'Do you think my dear that I could lie to you'
Played the same old game again but reaching home one night
Found the front door bolted, so he knocked with all his might
The window opened wide. 'Who's there?' the wife she cried
'It's me your husband dear.' 'Oh no, my husband's here.
We've been some hours in bed. I've heard of you.' she said
'Your the chap just like my Billy.' Billy cried, 'No, don't be silly.


William stood there helpless when he heard the window fall
Could there be another man just like him after all
Was that man inside his house deceiving his poor wife
Only let me get at him, by Gosh, I'll have his life
And then the pouring rain came down and cooled his brain
'It seems to me,' said he, 'My old girl's rumbled me'
So limp and sad and sore she let him in at four
And in shivery tones he swore he never more would tell the story.

Performed by George Lashwood (1863-1942)
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