Vesta Tilley What is the charm that attracts all the boys
Far, far from London, its joys, and its noise?
Why do you go to Mentone, you know
Scorning Pall Mall, and deserting the Row?
I've sampled Nice, Aix-le- Bains, and Paree
While Monte Carlo has no charms for me
They bore me, after a time, I have found
But London's quite all right, all the year round.

Chorus: I don't sigh to go over to gay Paree
London Town, you see, is good enough for me
The shady side of gay Pall Mall
A dear old pal, a pretty gal
And London, London, There's only one London Town.

Where could you find any girls in the world
Like London lassies, beribboned and curled?
Where could you find any ankles so neat
Any lips tasting a quarter so sweet?
Who wants French absinthe, and sour foreign wine
Good old scotch Whiskey is more in my line
Bring me that big Scotch-and-Polly! That's great
Or bring me Polly - the whiskey can wait.


Why should the London girls sit down and sigh
All through these male birds of passage, that fly
Off to the land of Mamzelle and Mossoo
Leaving them kissless and loverless too?
Just look at all the dear girls here, tonight
No sweethearts with them - it's really not right
I know, my darlings, why you look so sad
They're in Paree or else - somewhere as bad.

Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & James William Tate - 1906
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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