When a fellow goes down beside the seaside once a year
For his holiday, he feels so bright and gay.
If he's married or single, in the "swim" he's going to be
When he's down beside the silv'ry sea.
Now take the poor old married men, who never smile at home.
Why do they look so happy when they're down beside the foam?

Chorus: They're all single by the seaside,
All single by the sea.
Oh! see them on the pier each night,
All busy in the twi-twilight.
They're all single by the seaside,
All happy as can be.
When they see a pretty face, or a dainty piece of lace,
They're all single by the sea.

When old Brown at the seaside spends his fortnight's holiday,
There beneath the moon, a diff'rent girl he'll spoon.
She says, "Harold, oh! tell me, have you ever lov'd till now?"
He says, "Never, darling, that I vow!"
Then he feels for his handkerchief to wipe her tears away,
Pulls out a baby's stocking and the wild waves seem to say—


Darling Mabel each summertime goes down beside the sea.
Hubby stays in town; one day he toddles down.
Mabel doesn't expect him, meets her strolling on the pier.
He says, "Where's your wedding ring, my dear?"
She murmurs, "Oh! I left it off to go out for a sail.
I've heard the sea air turns them green." Wow-wow! the same old tale—

Written and composed by Worton David & C. W. Murphy - 1911
Performed by Florrie Forde (1876 - 1940)
Performed by Ella Retford (1886 - 1962)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
Contributed by Jim Dixon - April 2014
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