Once on the banks of the Clyde dwelt a widow
Thinking of one who was far, far away
One who had gone at the call of his country
'Heaven protect him, my boy' she would pray
Over his letters the old woman pondered
Letters he'd written with soldierly care
Oh! how she longed to again see her boy, who
Was serving his country and King over there.

Chorus: Thousands of miles away, thousands of miles away
Over the sea on a far off shore
There was the boy she would see no more
But his name and his fame
On the roll of the brave will shine
He died by his gun, did that old woman's son
In 'The Thin Red Line.'

Hark to the roar and the din of the battle
Guns are surrounded and seized by the foe
Britons are rallied, they flock round the Colonel
'Boys, we must save them - the guns - who will go?'
Jack was the first one to answer the Colonel
Back went a handful of brave-hearted men
Jack was the first one to fall in the struggle
Just as the guns had been rescued again.


Back to the land of the mountains and heather
Back to the home on the banks of the Clyde
Where sits the widow alone in her sorrow
Reading the story of how her boy died
'Gone not forgotten' the Colonel had written
'Died like a Briton, midst shot and shell
There in the grave of a soldier he's sleeping
There near the spot where your soldier boy fell.'

Written and composed by F.V. St. Clair - 1904
Performee by Miss Louie Hurman
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