A young man has throwed me. No wonder I'm sad
Young girls like myself, have you ever been had?
By man, the deceiver, I've been put upon
Lor' knows, I'm a trier, I ought to get on
I've nearly been married three times, it's a fact
But the love of my lover turned sour
My name being Rose single men, here's a chance
While the bloom is still bright on the flower

Chorus: I've been jilted by the baker, Mr White
A soldier and a sailor too
They've all gone astray, and yet the people say
Three cheers for the red, white and blue

The baker was nice, but he worried me so
He was always hard up and needing the dough
The thing that had captured his heart he once said
Was the bun that I wear at the back of my head
The soldier would never take me in the light
So we spooned in a nice shady wood
One dark night he borrowed my purse and remarked
That the change, it might do him some good


The sailor would nurse me while smoking his shag
I'd squeeze him and call him My Little Blue Bag
Whenever he looked at my beautiful form
He'd murmur, “Well, any old port in a storm”
He said to me, “Beauty is only skin deep
And although I must now get afloat
You may be all right when I come back again
When you've moulted and shedded your coat”.

Performed by Nellie Wallace (1870-1948)
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