Songs! Oh, songs, could I but find 'em
Where can good songwriters be?
Would! Oh, would I were behind 'em
I'd pay them to write for me
Fame, great fame, the way to win is
Don't begrudge a decent sum
But plank down your merry guineas
And success is sure to come
I've tried hard to find a ditty
That would not turn out amiss
Some young fellow in the city
One day last week sent me this,

Chorus: Ti! Hi! Tiddelly, Hi! that's the way the tune goes
Ti! Hi! Tiddelly, Hi! Pom' Pom' Pom'
Ti! Hi! Tiddelly, Hi! that's the way the words go
Isn't it a wonder where the songs come from.

In his second verse he mentions
Give a cheer for Charles Bradlaugh
Stop at once Perpetual Pensions
Think of London's starving poor
There's a story and its sequel
Worked out on an excellent plan
And he calls it 'Who can equal'
William G the Grand Old Man
Then he lays a verse before us
With its thesis well revealed
Singing this chaotic Chorus:
After praising Beaconsfield.


His third verse is blythe and merry
Every line is most serene
Quoting Churchill, Lord Salisbury
Prince of Wales, Princess and Queen
Every subject that is Royal
He speaks of in joyous tones
Making every sentence loyal
To all monarchs and all thrones
There's supposed to be a party
All is pleasure, mirth and bliss
Everybody's laughing hearty
While the Queen is singing this.


I might almost say I know it's
Bound to be a big success
Though I seldom praise my poets
In this case I can't do less
He brings in such spicy topics
And some lines about as warm
As you'll find lines in the tropics
Placed in metaphoric form
On next Monday night I'll sing it
Hoping it will prove a go
But before intact I bring it
Just let's hear how much you know.

Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar - 1888
Performed by Harry Rickards (1841-1911)
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