Every country has its musique,
Angleterre, Spain, Italie,
Pour les chansons raiment comiques
Faut aller to gay Paris.
I cannot explain ze reason
Why dese songs sont populaires,
But you English in ze season
All say ven you hear them there.

Chorus: Oh! c'est chic! Ah! c'est-chic!
En efet j't'assure qu' c'est chic!
In a chansonette, we contrive to get
Vat in England you call 'cheek.'
Tink-a-tin! Tink-a-tin!'
Is a typical French 'refrain'
Good enough. "pour moi," is the "je ne sais quoi"
Of ze Tin! Tink-a-tin! Vlin! Vlin!

I Simple you perhaps may think it;
C'est extrérnement diflicile.
Knowingly yze eye to wink it,
Just as if you could reveal
VSomething very interesting,
Un pen. "spicey," that is all.
Thus your chansonette investing
With a charming "vat you call:"


Though you may not understand it,
Still its charm you must allow;
Feel compelled to re—demand it
Ven le "comique" makes his bow!
In your ears it will be ringing
Till ze neighbours you indict
As a nuisance thus for singing
All ze day and all ze night,


Written and composed Albert Chevalier & John Crook
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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