Fred Jones, hatter of Leicester Square
Presents himself to you
And you may guess, when he is dressed
Of girls he knows a few
A Widow fell in love with him
While riding in a train
She had a blessed boy with her
Who caused us both much pain

Chorus: Tommy, make room for your Uncle
There's a little dear
Tommy, make room for your Uncle
I want him to sit here
You know Mamma has got a bun
And that she'll give to you
So don't annoy, there's a good boy
Make room for your Uncle do

When first I met the firm of Green
‘Twas on my journey down
To spend a day at Rosherville
‘Just like a swell from town.'
The Widow loved romantic scenes
And a squeeze on the sly
But when my arm went round her waist
The boy began to cry.


The mother told her loving son
To watch the passing train
But “No” he said “My Uncle Fred
Will kiss your hand again
The Widow blushed, a maiden blush
And I was not myself
For who could make love on a seat
In front of that young elf.


In a snug retreat in Rosherville
I went down on my knees
And asked if she would fly with me
Across the bright blue seas
She sighed and said, “You wicked man
But how about the child?”
And clasped him firmly to her breast
While I the agony piled.

PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by T.S. Lonsdale - 1876
Performed by W. B. Fair (1850-1909)
Performed by Tony Pastor (1832-1908)
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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