'Tain't much to make 'em an' it costs little,
Some wood an' colour an' a pot o' gloo,
But they earns me lodgin' an' a bit o' vittle,
An a bob or two.
I sometimes gossips wi' the dolls I'm makin'
They smiles like sunlight on my life's 'ard frost,
But I miss 'er singin', an my 'eart goes breakin',
For the gel I've lost.

Chorus: I never paints a rosy cheek,
But Nell's bright blush I see,
I never puts a' optic in,
But 'ern are turned to me.
An all my dolls has flaxen 'air,
The same as my Nell 'ad,
I love 'em but I'd give the world,
To 'ear 'em call me 'Dad'.

It's 'dad' she called me, there was no word better,
Wi' all 'er love she might a done so well;
They say she's ruined but I can't forget 'er,
For she's still my gel!
The dolls all miss 'er 'cos she made 'em dresses,
An' sometimes now the weather's vurry cold,
Will 'e kiss yer Nell an' gi yer them caresses
When yer white an' old.


When silence gathers an' I sit a-dreamin',
Sudden, inside 'ere, somethin' seems ter crack;
Then 'er eyes come shinin' an' I 'ear 'er screamin'
'Daddy, take me back!'
It ain't no gammon, Nell, yer'll get no ratin',
Come 'ome, the dolls won't put on any airs;
Wot's mine is yourn, Nell, an I'm only waitin'
For yer step downstairs!


Written and composed by Brian Daly & Charles Ingle - 1896
Performed by Albert Chevalier (1861-1923)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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