I'm a modern actress and I play all the up-to-datey parts today
Serious or gay, not one is missed, Trilby is the latest on my list
'Twasn't in my line I thought because I had no idea who Trilby was
But the pay, of course, cured my disgust
So I thought I'd play the part or bust
They said Trilby modest ought to be modest Trilby, what a part for me
Quiet and prim, me? oh, no jolly fear. So I made Trilby quite a new idea.

Chorus: Trilby, Trilby, tricky and trim. Lissom of limb, plenty of vim
Not afraid of any young 'him'. That's the sort of Trilby
Trilby likes her bottle of fizz. Fellows to quiz - jolly good biz
Tricky little Trilby, witty little Trilby
That's the sort of Trilby this girl is.

At the first rehersal, what a treat
Said the manager, 'Let's see your feet
Understand,' he said, 'It's biz, that's all
Trilby's were exceptionally small.'
When I showed him mine he shook his head
'Those are hardly ideal feet,' he said
Then I copped the needle on the spot
I said, 'Oh, well, they're the best I've got.'
I played Trilby heedless of all jeers in a style they haven't seen for years
I cried, 'Hoop-la' they cried 'Ain't she great'
They got Trilby right bang up-to-date.


When we reached the mesmerising part
Where I find a voice and lose my heart
Where the music man does this for fun
Something in the style of George Le Brunn
I gave all the people round me fits.
I cried, 'Leave out all the twiddley bits
I can sing 'Ben Bolt' without that see,
Turn it up, old chap, you can't fix me.'
At my Trilby many folks have laughed
I've been feted, feasted, photographed
Been in all the papers, tho', of course Trilby's not yet been in a divorce.

Written and composed b John P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1895
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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