Johnny's wife would nag him because he would not come home,
Every evening, 'til after eight
She said, 'If you keep drinking, I shall go straight home to Ma,
Until you tell me you're on the straight.'
He told his pals who said there's just one thing,
When you're inside the house just stand and sing...

Chorus: Truly rural, truly rural
T.R.U.L.Y. R.U.R.A.L.
Truly rural, truly rural
Try it before you go to ring the bell.
T.R.U.L.Y. R.U.R.A.L. it will, I think
Stop the missus wondering if you've had too much to drink
Truly rural, truly rural
T.R.U.L.Y. R.U.R.A.L.

He tried it on his wifey who said, 'Johnny, that's alright but why so late dear?
Please tell me, do.'
He said, ' I'm very sorry darling, working overtime, doing my best love,
For home and you.'
She said, 'I will not doubt your word again,
Then they both together started this refrain...

Written and composed by Reg Marcus - 1928
Performed by Lily Morris (1882-1952)
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