List, and I'll tell you a story boys, of two little waifs and strays
One was a child of tender birth, unused to the world's dark ways
The other, the offspring of thieves and rogues,
But heart as true as steel
I was the one, the other my chum - our story I will now reveal.

Chorus: We were two little vagabonds, leading a vagabond life
Taught to lie, and taught to steal,
But faithful through all the strife
How we loved each other, and the world I'd give to see
My dear old mate, but, alas, too late, for he gave his life for me.

Away from a fond mother's tender love, when but a helpless child
Stolen was I, in days gone by, to gratify jealousy wild
Placed by my father with scoundrels base,
Heedless of what might betide
I and my chum, he was their son, together grew side by side.


Years passed away, we were starved and beat,
But they could not make us thieves
The proof of his loved wife's innocence my father at last receives
He seeks for me, and the cowards, afraid,
That the truth may cause them strife
Dog me home, and when all alone, conspire to take my life.

One night into my room they steal, they seek for me in my bed
The knife is raised, but my chum is there, and receives the blow instead.

Written and composed by Paul Pelham & George LeBrunn - 1896
Performed by Paul Pelham (d.1919)
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