My Mother said when first I wore
A long black skirt and blouses
You always keep an eye on any
Thing that's wearing trousers
They're always running after
Chitty little girls like me
But if one starts to cheek me
I control my dignity?

Chorus: My Mother said, 'Always look under the bed
Before you blow the candle out
See if there's a man about'
I always do, you could make a bet
But it's never been my luck to find
A man there yet.

One night I found a man upstairs
Beneath my bed how funny
But when I pulled him out I found
It was but a tailor's dummy
And oh, it did upset me so
I screamed out in alarm
But I made it stop there all night
Because it couldn't do me harm.


The girl next door had burglars in
Beneath her bed one tarried
She caught him and reformed him
In a fortnight they were married
If there's a young man here tonight
Who fancies I'm alright
I'd leave our doors wide open
If he'd rob our house tonight.

Recorded by Nellie Wallace (1870-1948)
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