A short time ago in the papers,
I read of a wonderful show,
That was on at the Palace at Muswell Hill,
So I quickly resolved that I'd go.
The occasion was Baldwin's ascension,
Which had filled all the world with surprise,
For he'd stated that just with the aid of a mush,
He was going to drop down from the skies.

Chorus: Then up he went like a rocket,
And the girl she hollered out, 'Oh!'
Tighter and tighter she clung to me,
Watching him swing to and fro;
And as he went higher and higher,
She seemed filled with evident glee,
But while he was working his parachute,
She took all my L.S.D.

The girl was so filled with excitement,
As she watched the brave aeronaut float,
That she said, 'Oh, put something right over my eyes.'
So I covered her up with my coat;
And I was intent upon Baldwin,
So the thought never entered my brain,
That while I was sheltering this dear, little miss,
I was losing my watch and my chain.


No doubt it's a wondrous performance,
And one everybody should see,
But it's best to keep both peepers open or else,
You might perhaps suffer like me,
Of course, there's no need now, to tell you,
The girl didn't wish me good-bye,
But just as the visitors shouted, 'Bravo!'
She quietly then did a bye.

Thomas Scott Baldwin (June 30, 1854 – May 17, 1923) was a pioneer balloonist and U.S. Army major during World War I. He was the first American to descend from a balloon by parachute.
Written and composed by Harry Boden. Arranged by George Le Brunn - 1890
Performed by Harry Anderson (1857-1918)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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